Provider is brewed to be light and refreshing with a slightly sweet malt flavor and floral hop aroma. Unfiltered to bring out the subtle flavors in this glorious brew. Let Provider take care of you for a while.

  • Color: Straw
  • Alcohol content by volume: 5.0%
  • International Bitterness Units: 15

While the size of the boot might be a bit small, the intensity of the hop flavor and aroma in Size 7 more than makes up for it. We take prodigious amounts of hops and add them any chance we get to this Northwest style IPA. If you ever call Size 7 balanced we’ll kick you where it hurts (in the hop sack).

  • Color: Gold
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7.0%
  • International Bitterness Units: 77

When you find yourself parched, Rainmaker brings refreshment. Brewed with caramel and dark roasted malts then doused with a torrent of hops, this double red is sure to please, no dancing required.

  • Color: Copper
  • Alcohol content by volume: 6.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 65

Bold and complex from a tremendous amount of roasted malts, yet smooth and rich from the addition of oats. Dissent has its own opinion of what a dark beer should be.

  • Color: Black
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7%
  • International Bitterness Units: 50


Steel Toe Douglas

Douglas: Cascadian Dark Ale. This 7.5% ABV dark and hoppy brew will sneak into our line up occasionally and will disappear quickly.


Steel Toe Brewing Sommer Vice

Sommer Vice: Summer Seasonal. A true Bavarian Style Hef-Weizen with flavors and aromas of baked bread from malted wheat and bananas and cloves from a traditional strain of yeast. 5% ABV makes it an easy drinking brew for the hot summer days. Sold in 22oz bottles in local bottle shops, on tap at fine establishments and in growlers at the brewery.


Steel Toe Brewing Lunker

LUNKER is an English barleywine aged in Rye Whiskey barrels. The aroma and flavor have a subtle rye whisky character followed by caramel, toffee, vanilla and toasted bread notes. The rich full bodied character and sweetness of Lunker is tempered by the moderate bitterness of this glorious brew. Drink now or keep it in the cellar for several years.

Steel Toe Brewing Lunker

Before the Dawn:

Black Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels.  Before the Dawn is a fusion of a Barleywine and a Russian Imperial Stout.  Layer upon layer of complex malt character is what makes this beer so special.   Caramel and toffee give way to molasses, coco and roasted malt.  This rich and warming beer underwent a lengthy aging process in bourbon barrels which lends a wonderful oak and vanilla character followed by moderate tannin in the finish.  Luxury in a glass.

Steel Toe Brewing Size 11

SIZE 11: Winter Seasonal. 11%ABV, 111IBU, 11SRM. This giant boot will leave a permanent hop stamp on your tongue. Brewed once yearly. Sold in 750ML capped bottles and on tap at the STB tap room.

Wee Heavy

Wee Heavy: Strong Scotch Ale.  There’s nothing wee about this Wee Heavy.  Copper in color with a biscuit and slightly sweet caramel malt flavor and a velvety mouth feel.  8.4% ABV.  Sold as 10oz pours in the tap room and 750ml bottles (from tap room).