While the size of the boot might be a bit small, the intensity of the hop flavor and aroma more than makes up for it. We take prodigious amounts of hops and add them any chance we get to this Pacific Northwest-style IPA. If you ever call Size 7 balanced we’ll kick you where it hurts (in the hop sack). Big aroma and flavor of zesty orange peel, a dry and clean bitterness finishes in the most satisfying way possible.

  • Color: Gold
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7.0%
  • International Bitterness Units: 77


When you find yourself parched, Rainmaker brings refreshment. Brewed with caramel and dark malts then doused with a torrent of hops, this India Red Ale is sure to please, no dancing required. Beautiful ruby red highlights in the color; aroma and flavor of pine sap and resinous hops with just enough toasty caramel malt.

  • Color: Copper
  • Alcohol content by volume: 6.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 65

NABA 2014 Silver Medal, Double/Imperial Red Ale



Provider is brewed to be light and refreshing with a slightly sweet bready malt flavor and floral hop aroma. Unfiltered to bring out the subtle yeast flavors. Hints of lemon peel, and honey biscuit in both aroma and flavor. Let our Provider take care of you for a while.

  • Color: Straw
  • Alcohol content by volume: 5.0%
  • International Bitterness Units: 15

NABA 2015 Bronze Medal, English-style Summer Ale



Bold and complex from a tremendous amount of roasted malts, with a rich velvety mouthfeel from the addition of oats. Dissent has its own opinion of what a dark beer should be. Bittersweet dark chocolate, hints of coffee, and malted cream.

  • Color: Black
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7%
  • International Bitterness Units: 50

NABA 2015 Silver Medal, Foreign-style Stout


SIZE 11                                                                                                      This beastly Triple India Pale Ale, is the biggest of brothers to Size 7. Built on the same back bone, but doubled in all aspects. Malt sweetness up front, with a full slick mouthfeel, give way to a ridiculously copious layer of hops. Wave after wave of citrus peel, grapefruit, honey dew melon and guava are pronounced from aroma, to flavor, to finishing bitterness. Warming but not hot, this one will definitely rock your hoppy world! Winter Seasonal.

  • Color: Dark Gold
  • Alcohol content by volume: 11%
  • International Bitterness Units: 111


SOMMER VICE                                                                                             A true to style Bavarian-style Hefeweizen, brewed to be perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day. Aromas of baked bread, from the malted wheat, are accompanied by banana, clove, and hints of lemony citrus from a traditional strain of yeast. Summer Seasonal.

  • Color: A field of straw on a sunny day
  • Alcohol content by volume: 5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 15


SIZE 4                                                                                                Sacrifice hop aroma and flavor in a low alcohol beer? Not in this India Session Ale, brewed to embody the best hop qualities of a highly aromatic and flavorful IPA, yet ever mindful of the desire to have a few. Loaded with pungent hops to impart aromas of blueberry, lime candy, and juicy fruit; a defined, yet balanced bitterness finishes the beer. Summer Seasonal.

  • Color: Pale Golden
  • Alcohol content by volume: 4.4%
  • International Bitterness Units: 44

 NABA 2014 Bronze Medal, American-style Pale Ale; GABF 2015 Silver Medal, Session India Pale Ale

Brewer's Evolution Series

Our Brewer Michael Wagner is taking you through a journey of classic beer styles with a changing line-up.  Mostly tap room exclusive and each style will only be around for a few weeks.  

Brewer's Evolution Series

Early on, I recall being intrigued by “dark” beer. Most people said it was strong, or bitter. In reality, it may have just been an indicator of “having flavor,” or at least more flavor than a typical adjunct lager. To provide an example and intro to this vague category of beer, ones that are dark in color, our first offering is an interpretation of an English-style Brown Porter. Chocolate abounds in aroma, with some earthy undertones, but doesn’t overtake the base of biscuit and toasty malt. There is some presence of bitterness, almost like baker’s chocolate on the finish, but there is no astringency or roasted malt character. Dark, but not black, it’s a hue of opaque brown with slight ruby highlights. Grab a pint, and toast to the dark side. Cheers!

  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Alcohol content by volume: 5.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 23


Brewer's Evolution Series

Inspired by the seasonal shift; Fat Tuesday, Fasching, Spring, Solstice, whatever…it’s the time of year when we start to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of winter. The sun is higher in the sky, its coming warmth apparent, even on cold days. This is that transitional beer; malty, slight nutty character balanced with a spicy bright English hop aroma and defined earthy bitterness. This beer occupies the space where malt and hops collide. It’s not an English Pale Ale, it’s not an E.S.B…but it’s almost there! Enjoy!

  • Color: Amber
  • Alcohol content by volume: 5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 24



BARREL-AGED DISSENT                                                                        Bold and complex from a tremendous amount of roasted malts, with a rich velvety mouth-feel from the addition of oats. Dissent has its own opinion of what a dark beer should be. Bittersweet chocolate, hints of coffee, and malted cream. Take that description (for our standard Dissent) and add in notes of dark cherry, toasted marshmallow, vanilla, and whiskey. 

  • Color: Black
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7%


The equivalent to this beer, is taking a really good non-peated Scotch whiskey; carbonate it, and bring the alcohol down to a very quaffable 9% ABV. Aromas of treacle toffee, vanilla, oak, and whiskey. Flavors carry over with a rich velvety texture, soft cherry, caramel and graham cracker. The finish is drying, with a touch of whiskey heat. Drink this beer fresh, we did the aging for you. Enjoy!

·         Color: Dark brown, slight haze.

·         Alcohol content by volume: 9%

BELTLINE BROWN                                                                                An American Brown Ale built to be balanced; with aromas of toasted nuts and malty caramel are countered by a subtle yet present floral hop aroma and present, yet refined bitterness. Comforting and familiar at its best, perfect for those cool fall days.  Fall Seasonal.

  • Color: Brown
  • Alcohol content by volume: 6%
  • International Bitterness Units: 25



Tart raspberry wheat ale, brewed to be pleasantly fruity from the addition of raspberries, but perfectly tart and refreshing. Spring rhubarb, ripe raspberry, lemon peel, and a drying soft tannin that lends a back note of vanilla, and toasted bread. Aromas and flavors dance around on the palate to create an incredible experience. Like grown-up pink lemonade!

  • Color: Hazy Pink
  • Alcohol content by volume: 6.4%
  • International Bitterness Units: 5


DOUGLAS                                                                                                  Named after the Douglas Fir, native to the Pacific Northwest, this Cascadian Dark Ale is brewed to impart a big punch of hops while maintaining the qualities of a dark ale. Chocolate and toasted marshmallow malt character lay the foundation to stand up to the big piney, resiny, citrus hop character. Defined, on both malt and hop character, a perfect treat to tantalize the palate.

  • Color: Dark brown/black
  • Alcohol content by volume: 7.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 80+


STICKER FIGHT                                                                                         An occasionally released Double IPA, Sticker Fight is the big tropical fruity, juicy fruit, mango laden friend, you’ve always desired. The body is crisp, with just enough sweetness to counter the onslaught of aromatic and flavorful hops. Supremely satisfying, utterly demanded by fans.

  • Color: Pale Golden
  • Alcohol content by volume: 8.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 90+


COLLISION COURSE                                                                          Another occasionally released Double IPA, Collision Course was created around a newly developed experimental hop. Sweetness up front, gives way quickly to a peachy, melon, orange/tangerine fruitiness from the hops.

  • Color: Sunny orange/golden
  • Alcohol content by volume: 8.5%
  • International Bitterness Units: 85+


This Strong Scotch Ale is brewed with loads of traditional UK malt; this lays a foundation for toasted biscuit, graham cracker, toffee, and a rich malt sweetness that prevail from aroma to taste. Earthy hops lend some balance. Fall Seasonal.

  • Color: Dark copper
  • Alcohol content by volume: 8.5%     

GABF 2014 Gold Medal, Scotch Ale; World Beer Cup 2014 Gold Medal, Scotch Ale; NABA 2015 Bronze Medal Scotch Ale



Call it what you will. To us it’s the Hoptread. The first beer in a new taproom exclusive experimental IPA series. Pale golden in color. Loaded with super juicy hops to impart aromas of tropical mango, pineapple, stone fruit, and potent stickiness; a present but subtle bitterness imparts just enough to cut the fruity sweetness. Big on hops, loaded with character. Enjoy super fresh!

•    Color: Pale Golden
•    Alcohol content by volume: 7.8%
•    International Bitterness Units: ~50 










BEFORE THE DAWN                                                                                 An American Black Barleywine aged in Rye Whiskey barrels. The aroma of whiskey, toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate, and subtle dark fruit prevail. The flavor matches the aroma, with a warming boozy, yet pleasant finish. Big oak, and drying tannins help to finish and balance the sweetness up front.

  • Color: Black
  • Alcohol content by volume: 11.7%


LUNKER                                                                                                      An English-style barleywine aged in Rye Whiskey barrels. Rye whiskey aromas followed by caramel, toffee, vanilla, oak char, and toasted bread notes. The rich full bodied character and sweetness of Lunker is tempered by the moderate bitterness. Comforting and warming, a perfect accompaniment to a fire and cool evening.

  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Alcohol content by volume: 13.5%

NABA 2013 Silver Medal, Barrel-aged Strong Beer