One of the founding beliefs at STB was that we would contribute to the community around us. We want to keep our sponsorships and donations local, just like our beer. 

Starting in January 2017, we are moving to a more focused donation effort in order to maximize our effectiveness in helping the groups that we work with.  Our donation can include product (beer), time (tours), space (taproom), gift cards and/or fundraising (a generous portion of profit from sales for an in-house fundraising event).  

Here are our guidelines:

  • We will do a larger collaboration to donate to/work with 3 Saint Louis Park based groups and 1 State of Minnesota based group. 

  • For smaller donations, we have a set fundraising budget for each month for gift card/product based donations for local groups and efforts.  This allows us to impact up to 12 groups a year.    

  • Our contribution must result in a benefit/impact for local people/places.

  • The request needs to be appropriate for the brewing industry to be involved in. 

  • Request must be submitted at a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. 

We will review each request that comes through and will contact those that we are interested in and are a good partnership for us. There are always more events/causes/groups that we want to give to than we have funds/ability to. Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


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