Steel Toe Brewing and the St Louis Park Community


One of the founding beliefs at Steel Toe Brewing is that we want to be a positive contributor to the community around us.  Through donations and fundraising events for great causes that support the local area, we have found that we can create impactful and meaningful contributions.  

For 2019 and 2020, we are going to focus on our home city of St. Louis Park.  We plan to partner with local groups that share our pride in SLP and to help fundraise for their causes that focus on the SLP community.  In order to maximize our contribution and help create the best event possible for our partnering groups, we will be donating the use of our event space for 4 in-house fundraising events.  We will not be participating in smaller donations (such as swag, gift cards growlers, etc) for outside events.  


What we have to offer:

Our back taproom is roughly 900 square feet of space that includes seating for 62 (95 people total including standing), a PA system available for your use, a bar with up to 10 taps to pour STB beers, bathrooms, its own outside entry, and a dedicated bartender and bar-back for your event.  The normal use fee for our back taproom will be donated to your event, plus 50% of profits from all beer sales that occur in the dedicated space.  (Business will be occurring as normal in the front taproom, and these sales will not be part of the fundraising efforts).   We will help promote your event via re-posting on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) and placing any posters provided in our taprooms.  

Our space is available Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday for a fundraising event.  

The STB crew is here to answer questions and support you, but not to organize the event.  

While here at Steel Toe, we expect groups to oblige the house rules, and to be respectful and cooperative.


What you will need to be prepared to do:

Organize, plan, invite, and promote your event. Your event can be public or private, but we encourage public so that more people can become involved and therefore you can raise more money and awareness.  Past fund raisers have found success raising funds with raffles, silent auctions or ticket sales to come to the event.  


If you feel your cause is a good match for this, and a fundraiser at Steel Toe Brewing would yield a great turn-out for your cause,
please e-mail with as much information as possible regarding your fundraising goals.

We will review each request that comes through and will contact those that we are interested in and are a good partnership. Please remember there are always more events/causes/groups that we want to give to than we have funds/ability to.


Past Donations:
January- St. Louis Park Senior All Night Party
February- Gigi's Playhouse
March- Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School
April- PRISM Food Shelf
May- Peter Hobart Elementary School
June- Aquila Elementary School
July- Local Church
August- St. Louis Park Boys/Girls Hockey
September- Muscular Dystrophy Association via St. Louis Park Fire Department
October- Feline Rescue "Glitter Ball" 
November- Local Church

January- Gigi's Playhouse
February- Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School
March- Aquila Elementary School
April- Family Enhancement Center
May- Peter Hobart Elementary School
June- Awareness Project / McCoy’s Public House
July- Birchwood 5k
August- SLP Hockey
September- Shout Out Loud Benefit
November- SLP Community Foundation
December- SLP Boys Traveling Basketball

FEBRUARY 10th: Senior All Night Party Fundraiser // SLP Highschool Graduating Class of 2019
MARCH 26th: Parktacular Fundraiser — St. Louis Park Parktacular: June 12-16 2019
JULY 24th: STEP - St. Louis Park Emergency Program - Fundraiser

NOVEMBER 13th: St. Louis Park Friends of The Arts