One of the founding beliefs at STB was that we would contribute to the community around us. We want to keep our sponsorships and donations local, just like our beer. We figure that the community that supports us is the community that we want to support right back.

Here are our guidelines:

  • Local means MN.

  • Your request must be for a local group or event.

  • Our contribution must result in a benefit/impact for local people/places.

  • The request needs to be appropriate for the brewing industry.

  • Bachelor parties, tasting parties, buddies getting together in your basement
    Do Not Count. Please don’t even bother sending in a request.

We will review each request that comes through and will contact those that we are interested in and are a good partnership for us. There are always more events/causes/groups that we want to give to than we have funds/ability to. Please fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


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